• Sérgio, you are very good at NLP and you will succeed! ”” Great professional and above all a great person. ”” Thank you for the strength and persistence that helped me to come and live. You are special! ”” Sérgio, you are delicious. I love your energy!

  • Hello Sergio! Thanks again for everything, it was a spectacular day! I learned a lot about myself. And all in such a few hours ... I loved it! Thanks for sharing! Kiss!

    Mariana Teves Costa
  • Good morning, Sergio. Thanks for the “trip” provided, to my most intimate state, my unconscious SELF. NLP is a fantastic tool, and you transmit an unusual skill, ie I feel that NLP is intrinsic to you… a lot of natural aptitude

    Carla Santos
  • Thank you Sérgio. I really liked SPOTS FREE and I'm the one who thanks you. I found it very interesting and above all useful. They are exceptional tools, moreover shared by an excellent professional. Congratulations on your generosity (what goes round must come round)

    Ana Goes