From Mind To Heart

From Mind to Heart – Nível 1

For centuries we have been conditioned to believe that we are separate from each other and that our actions have no influence on the environment around us. That we are insufficient and dependent. We were convinced that our existence is due to a random process of natural selection in which only the strongest or fittest survive! In fact, the majority of the world’s population is still convinced of this …

However, the world is changing at a fast pace and Life as we know it, undergoes changes with each passing day, which causes a lot of insecurity and anxiety in many people … “How will tomorrow be?”, “Will I have enough to take care of my family?” These are some of the most common and disturbing questions that many of us ask ourselves!

It is our duty to understand and integrate in our lives, the most recent scientific discoveries that prove that we are much more than what we were led to accept, whether by our parents, friends or environment … The From Mind to Heart retreat is a highly visual event, full of rich, fascinating content, which will question your way of seeing the world!

During these days you will learn:

– To communicate effectively with yourself and with others;
– The power and frequency of words, why to avoid certain words and how you can replace them with others;
– Applying the latest scientific discoveries to your intimate, professional relationships and the vital decisions of your life
– That we are not the product of a random selection, nor of an evolutionary process and that, definitely, we were not naturally conceived to “Compete” but to “Cooperate”;

Some of the highlights of this retreat include:

  • A technique that allows you to harmonize your heart by creating scientifically proven benefits and aligned with ancestral traditions
  • How to use this technique to access your intuition at the moment and create a GPS internal
  • A module on the chemistry of emotions, how they are formed, in which organs are preferentially housed and their role in the formation of diseases.
  • Meditation and breathing techniques that will allow you to release toxins and harmful chemicals lodged in your body.
  • Learning how to create deep states of emotional and physical healing.
  • What you can do to prevent the degradation of your DNA, preventing disease and premature aging.

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The program for this retreat includes a combination of several factors that we believe are important to you:

– Learning and acquiring new tools: during the event we will share innovative, useful and scientifically proven content with you. Ancestral techniques and practices that can help us unlock our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual potential.
A few hours of classroom training will take place daily.
– Meditation and breathing dynamics: the frequent and continued practice of meditation has numerous benefits with hundreds of studies demonstrating the positive impact on its practitioners. Likewise, a great deal of scientific evidence is now known that attests to the power of different breathing techniques, for example, in terms of cellular oxygenation and all the associated benefits.
A meditation and breathing dynamic will be held every day of the retreat.
– Rest and leisure: personal and spiritual development is a process that benefits from rest and silence. So that you can get the most benefit from this retreat, every day you will have a moment just for you, to do whatever you feel like, allowing yourself to rest or simply be. Allow yourself to offer an unforgettable experience like this, that will give you it will provide learning, transformation, growth and evolution in a way you probably never lived!

Dates and location of the next retreat:

March 6-13 Zanzibar

For more information contact us by email (, by message on Facebook (Sérgio Oliveira) or cell phone: (+351 91 520 88 11)

From Mind to Heart – Level 2

There are some differences between FMH Level 1 and 2, essentially related to contents and meditation practices.

FMH 1 includes more hours of content and less meditation. FMH 2, on the other hand is more focused on meditation practices and less on contents. It is a program focused on Being and it is therefore less visual than FMH 1.

The participation in FMH 1 is a pre requisite to participate in FMH 2.

Notice – Once a year in February, both levels of From Mind to Heart take place in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

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