Professional Master Coach Program

Profissional Master Coach Program

More and more people are looking for a feeling of professional fulfillment, a job that can offer more than stability or security. More than ever we tend to to prefer jobs that offer feelings of completeness, usefulness, jobs that help us make a difference in other people’s lives, that allows us to manage our time in a more conveniente fashion, spend time with our loved ones and enjoy the freedom that life can and should offer.

Since I began my work as a professional Trainer, I’ve trained hundreds of students and some are still working as professional coaches. Among them are people who had “conventional” jobs such as managers, doctors, engineers, lawyers, IT professionals, architects, in short, people that went to university, got their degrees and after 10, 15, 20 years on the job, came to the conclusion that they needed a 180º turn in their lives.

And it’s precisely for those who want to take a 180º turn in their lives that this course was designed. This brand new structure is the result of over 10 years of practice, experience and research and was created to offer you a process even more efficient, supported and over and extended period of time.

The course is designed to offer you a progressive and gradual learning curve. At the end of each module students will receive a task to be performed until the following one. The task will be related to the techniques being taught and its practical application.

What will you learn?

– NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming
– Coaching
– Advanced Timeline
– Hypnosis
– Quantum physics
– Neuroscience and Quantum Physics principles applied to Personal Development
– Mindbody Medicine
– Nutrition & Health
– Active Meditation and Breathing Techniques

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Plus, you will learn to work with 2 Profile Questionnaires that will allow you how to:
– Learn to identify a person’s behavior profile in just a few minutes by the way the person dresses, job, gadgets or objects carried and communication style
– Predict a person’s behavior in specific contexts
– Anticipate a person’s decision in specific contexts
– Identify if a person possesses innate leadership skills with just a few questions
– Predict the expected time a person will remain in a professional or intimate relationship and much, much more…

This will allow you to:
– Learn to do a Detailed Personal History with a client
– Identify a client’s “initial problems” and the “greater problem” and thus do a diagnostic of the situation
– Design the intervention for each client
– Conduct a Coach process from beginning to the end
– Determine “when is a client really a client”
– Choose the people they’re going and not going to work with in a Coaching context

There are different kinds of Coaching. In the Professional Master Coach Program students will acquire a set of skills that will allow them to work as:
– Life Coach
– Executive Coach
– Business Coach
– Nutrition Coach
– Health Coach
– Family/Couples Coach
– Children Coach

But before doing a job it’s convenient to Be…

In order to offer a quality job as a Professional Coach some things other than quality techniques and tools are necessary. After all, we’re talking about working with people and help them with their behaviors and emotional issues and these are all but simple.
I believe that before starting to work with others, a Professional Coach should work on him or herself by initiating or deepening his or her Personal Development process and that includes a strong commitment as it’s very unlikely that you can really help another person before helping yourself first.
To do so, along the course you will learn and apply on yourself different techniques and procedures that will allow you to do a consistent and serious emotional work.
You will take part in a “Give and Receive” Coaching process with a colleague from the course. In this process you will have the opportunity to help a colleague to do emotional work as well as you will have the opportunity to benefit from it on the following day. The goal is to release unpleasant emotions from the past and thus “lighten up the burden” we all carry.

There are no pre requisites for this course.

Dates of the next 2021 course (20 days): 

February 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27
March 19, 20, 26, 27
April 2, 3, and from 9 til 16

Note: All the dates from Feb 12th til April 3rd will be online. The week of April 9th til the 16th will take place live. The venue will be announced shortly.

Opening hours: 11.00 – 20.00


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