Master MindBody Training®

Master Practitioner em MindBody Training®

The Master Practitioner level is the natural consequence of the Practitioner course. It is here that students continue what they have learned and have the possibility to not only deepen some techniques, but also learn and master even more powerful ones. This is where many of the Practitioner’s questions are answered. This is also the level that enables students to become Master Coach in MindBody Training® and thus expand their choices in the professional area. In this course, students will acquire vital tools for the practice of Coaching with NLP and whoever finishes successfully will have all the conditions to perform an excellent job!

Like the Practitioner course, in the Master Practitioner course you will also learn the MindBody Training ® methodology, which in this edition will feature a significant new feature: Quantum Physics. Thus, in this course you will learn:

– Coaching with NLP
– Advanced Timeline
– Hypnosis
– Quantum physics

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What will you learn in this course?


Here, knowledge about Values ​​is taken to a higher level of understanding and applicability. Students learn to identify their Values ​​at a deeper level, thus leading to a higher level of self-knowledge. How Values ​​affect our relationships, our work, etc.

– Advanced Language Standards

Is it possible to deconstruct a problem with words alone? And what words? Using some of the most advanced techniques of Quantum Linguistics, students will learn linguistic patterns to deal with complex problems presented in the context of Coaching, as well as in personal contexts.

Coaching with NLP – This is probably the most important and significant part of the course. We will devote a lot of time and attention to the Coaching process.

– How to integrate and apply all the techniques learned in the Practitioner and Master

– What to do at all stages of the Coaching process, from the first telephone contact to the day the Client completes the process

– You will acquire profile questionnaires that are unique in Portugal and that allow you to have a rough idea of ​​how your Client structures his thinking with just a few minutes of conversation and even the way he dresses and communicates

– Practical aspect with Coaching “theaters”, from the promotion of its services to the therapeutic component

– Quantum physics

– Hypnosis and much, much more!

Dates of the next 2020 course (14 days):
16, 17 May
23, 24 May
30, 31 May
6 to 13 June

Opening hours: 10.00 – 19.00

Prerequisite: NLP Practitioner Certification and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner Certification (If you have not taken the NLP Practitioner course at S.P.O.T.S. contact us to find a solution tailored to you).

Come and learn with us NLP and Coaching techniques unique in Portugal!


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