Practitioner MindBody Training®

The world is constantly changing and Personal Development is no exception. Since it was developed in the 1970s, NLP has undergone several changes and there are a large number of techniques that are no longer taught. Following this natural evolution of a technology that is intended to be current, Sérgio Oliveira created a unique and innovative methodology that includes techniques of NLP, Coaching, Advanced Timeline and Quantum Physics and the result of this combination is called MindBody Training®.

Change your life and career, change for the better!

For reasons, most of the time, unknown, people feel the need to learn something more, the need to take a step in their life that they never took before. Sometimes they feel an inner discomfort that puts them in search of something that makes them feel better, that helps them to find themselves.
Sometimes it is dissatisfaction with your professional situation, other times it is the intimate relationship that brings worries or even life in general is a frustration. People often bring an emotional backpack with them, which in many cases translates into blockages and limitations in everyday life.

The MindBody Training ® methodology is one of the most innovative approaches to understanding the human mind, interaction with the body, individual experience and behavior and communication.
By combining the best and most advanced NLP techniques with Coaching, Advanced Timeline and Quantum Physics principles, we offer you a comprehensive, complete and transformative course!

Who is this course for?

. All people who want to know themselves better and develop as human beings that inhabit this planet
. All people who intend to do emotional work
· Communication professionals
· Human Resources
· Sales
· Teachers
· Therapists
· Managers
· Non-professionals interested in acquiring knowledge that enhances entry into the labor market, in personal development, in order to improve their communication.
· All those whose jobs include motivating others, leading, increasing sales, increasing team performance and also those who see in these formations the opportunity to broaden horizons, increase self-esteem, recognition and expand their business.

What will you learn in this course?

1. MindBody Training® Practitioner

NLP is a practical and results-oriented technology . It helps us to identify and understand our conscious and unconscious thinking. During this course we will show you how to use NLP in yourself and others, individually or as a Coach.

Some of the content you will learn are:

· Representation Systems – How we learn new information from the exterior, how we use our memory and how we can identify all of this.

· Rapport – The ability to create immediate empathy with anyone.

· Anchors – How to control your emotions and how to access enabling states at any time.

· Submodalities – Program our brain’s software.

· Linguistic Patterns – Master the art of communication, using words with mastery and purpose.

· Values ​​ – Discover your sources of motivation and those of others.

And much more!

2. Coaching

NLP Coaches are among the highest paid in the Coaching industry and one reason is to combine the best lessons in NLP with the powerful structure of Coaching. During this course you will learn how to create lasting relationships with your coachees and how to provide the best service in each case.

· Business Coaching

· Life Coaching

· Sports Coaching

· Therapy

Want to know more?

3. Advanced Timeline

Over the years different Time Line techniques have been developed. The Advanced Timeline is the result of more than 10 years of working with hundreds of people and has proven to be one of the fastest and most effective ways to release unpleasant emotions from the past and limiting decisions.

Whether in our personal or professional lives, almost all of us have situations that we went through and that may still condition us today.
Throughout our lives we are often bombarded with statements that limit us.

By learning and experimenting with this new methodology you will:

· Develop your emotional intelligence;
· Overcome your internal blockages;
· Releasing unpleasant emotions and limiting decisions from the past;
· Learn to create your present and future as you wish;
· Unlock your potential.

4. Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics is the field of Physics dedicated to the study of the smallest particles and describes Nature at the atomic and sub-atomic level. It was included in this course to explain in an objective and scientific way, why and how the techniques taught work. It is the aggregating element in this course and it provides concrete explanations for what goes on in our brain.


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Dates of the next courses in 2020:

Lisbon Extensive Course

22, 23 February
29 Feb, 1 March
7, 8 March
14, 15 March

Lisbon Intensive Course

April 4th to 11th (week before Easter)

Why choose S.P.O.T.S.?

Innovative Content – NLP is a technology in constant evolution. At S.P.O.T.S. you will learn some of the most innovative techniques today and the MindBody Training ® method reflects that.

Course Length – One of the people who most influenced NLP and one of its main references, Dr. Milton Erickson, once said that “It is in the future of Humanity to do things faster and better” . The duration of NLP courses has changed over time. The NLP pioneers who still teach today, people like Richard Bandler, Tad James, Robert Dilts among others, follow the model of 7 or 8 day Practitioner courses. S.P.O.T.S. follows these tried and tested models as being effective.

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