The interest in Personal Development has been growing and there are more and more people wanting to know about things like Coaching and Neuro Linguistic Programming. More recently, the MindBody Training methodology was created and has also aroused the curiosity of many people. Perhaps it is your case, perhaps a friend, friend or family member has already spoken to you about these topics and this aroused curiosity in you to learn more. If that is the case, then you are likely to want to know more about what you can expect from this workshop.

What will happen?

During this workshop you will get to know what Coaching, NLP, Advanced Timeline are and what they are for, how they apply and to whom they may be useful. You will get to know the MindBody Training methodology which is composed of:
– The structure of Coaching
– NLP techniques
– The power of the Advanced Timeline
– The vanguard of Quantum Physics and its vital importance in the whole process

In addition to the theoretical knowledge you will acquire, can you still have the opportunity to watch live demonstrations of the mentioned techniques and who knows one of the demonstrations will be done with you?

During the workshop you can also ask your questions about what is being talked about, as well as personal questions that are relevant to the event.

Come see, hear and feel in the first person, bring friends, bring a lot of curiosity to discover new things.

Want to know more?

Dates: We currently don’t have a workshop scheduled.

If you need more information, contact us via the same email.

Read the feedback from some participants here.

“Sérgio, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I did not imagine that your work (and what I felt yesterday, Saturday 26) was so: captivating, disturbing, passionate, striking, comfortable, disconcerting, challenging, subtle, encouraging, dedicated, human, liberating, professional, effective, sensitive, hard , true, deep,… addictive ?! ” Xana Ferreira

“It was the first workshop of its kind where they finally answered my questions unequivocally. I recommend it to anyone looking for something credible in this area. ” Ramiro Santos

“I loved the workshop, it was a wonderful day, full of good mood. Sérgio is an excellent communicator. It is easy to see that you have a lot of experience and put a lot of love in what you do. Thank you for everything SPOTS! ” Joana Martins

“I came at the invitation of my wife and had no idea what was coming. At first, none of that made sense to me, but then I started to realize and it was a big day and a big surprise. Congratulations to Sérgio for the way he interacts with us. Let’s take the next course, me and my wife. ” Nuno Miranda

Want to know more?